Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The "52 Work-Out"

Well, I decided to try the 'deck of cards' workout today. Here's how I broke down the card/exercise routine:

VALUE CARDS (value on card indicates number of sets)
* Hearts = tricep dips (10 reps/set)
* Diamonds = curls (10 reps/set)
* Clubs = push-ups (10 reps/set)
* Spades = dumbbell throws (10 reps/set)

* Black Face Cards = sit-ups (100/card)
* Red Face Cards = hall sprints (length of hall, 6 flts of stairs down, return length of hall, 6 flts of stairs up/card)

Well, after only 14 cards, I had already done 130 dips, 100 sit-ups, 110 curls, 2 sets of hall sprints, 150 dumbbell throws, and 120 push-ups...and I STILL had 38 cards to go!!! No way. Thus came the end of the work-out. Now, although this work-out was a daunting task, I still loved the just needed a little tweaking. So, two options: either break up the deck to about 13 cards a day, or dramatically reduce the number of reps per set. I like the 13 cards/day option. Of course, I could 'play the game' a bit differently and just do the same exercises as listed above, but only do one set, with the reps per set based on the value of the cards (face cards staying the same as before), but I will reserve that method for "speed work-outs".

The 'deck of cards' work-out is killer and I recommend that you give it a shot, too. Create your own exercises and set them up to the cards as you see fit. Every day will be a new work-out, guaranteed!! In fact, for more info on this unique fitness method, check out

Tomorrow, it's back on the bike!!!

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