Friday, July 24, 2009

Sponsor my 14th year in the MS150 "Pedal to the Point" Bike Tour

In the early 90's, I cycled not only to help in the recovery of my knee injuries (see my first post), but also because it was a fun and exciting way to stay healthy. Long rides did wonders for the mind and body.

I rode for myself.

Years later, I found out that several in my extended family suffered from MS. It's a rough disease and I watched its draining effects drag down those I loved. I wanted to help, to jump in and fight back, and I realized that my bike could be part of that fight.

Now, I ride for them.

You can join me in this fight, too. Help now by sponsoring me in this, my 14th year, of participating as a rider in this awesome event! For more info on the tour itself, and to sponsor me directly, please visit

Thanks all and Fair Winds!

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