Monday, July 27, 2009

My own Time Trial...

So, having finished watching the Tour de France yesterday, I was inspired to go riding myself. Grabbing the new Giant Defy Alliance and heading up to the local community college grounds a few blocks away, I set off to race my own time trial on the empty campus roads. I figured a 25 mile sprint would be perfect as that is what the tour riders did towards the end.

The first stroke against me was the howling winds. It was a warm and sunny day, but the raging headwinds were a good 20mph, if not more, and constant! But, I figured, no pain, no gain. The second stroke against me was that, although I ride often and far, my ride time on the bike THIS year has been significantly less than in past years, and coupled with the fact that I am anything but a speedster, this time trial promsed to be a bleak experience. Consequently, I expected to post a time that would give my 96 year grandmother a hearty laugh.

Well, my expectations were not unfounded. In fact, long story short, here was my final result, compared to Lance Armstrong's final time trial this year:

Lance Armstrong - 50.11 minutes
Bob Soroky - 80.13 minutes

That's almost twice as long. Man, I gotta ride more...and it less wind!

Stayed tuned for more training!

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