Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pedal to the Point this weekend!

Well, all the training rides are done and now it's time to put up as this weekend (August 14-15, 2010) is the annual MS150 Pedal-to-the-Point Bike Tour.  I'm proud to say that this will be my fifteenth year riding in the event and I am once again looking forward to the challenge.  Interestingly, I am a stronger rider now at 44 yrs old then I was when I started cycling seriously at 25! (I hope that this same performance increase holds true when I'm 60!)  This is also my third year riding as a member of the PATTI'S PALADINS team.  Patti Substelny is just one of millions afflicted with the debilitating disease that is multiple sclerosis, so if riding 150 miles in the blazing summer heat will bring us closer to a cure, then sign me up! Our team is over 60 members strong and consistently one of the top fund-raising teams in the tour.  (You can read more about the team by checking out our page on the MS150 website,, or at  And yes, we are even on facebook!)

So today was, in fact, the last of my training rides before the weekend.  It was a short one (30 miles) due to the weather, but productive nonetheless.  Of course, when cycling through the gem that is our Cleveland Metroparks, obligatory pictures of the landscape are a must.  Today's pics are of the Walter F. Ehrnfelt covered bridge in Berea, Ohio. 

And hey, it's not to late to support me in this awesome event.  If you would like to make a donation, head over to the MS150 Pedal-to-the-Point website,, click on the "Donate" link, and look me up!  Who knows, maybe next year you can even join our team!  In the meantime, thanks much for your support!

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