Monday, July 26, 2010

Tour de Metroparks!

To many outside of our great city, Cleveland is the pitiful butt of countless jokes, even to this day.  But to those of us who call this place home, we know better.  Sure, we may have lost a superstar in Lebron James (may the Miami Heat never win a championship...ever), and our sports teams may leave us heartbroken every year, but one resource that can never leave, or ever let us down, is our beloved Metroparks system.  It is through this meandering system of picnic grounds, golf courses, historic locations, and beautiful natural scenery that I spend dozens of hours every week pedalling my bike.  Each time, I am grateful that we have such a wonderful resource in our own back yard.

On this particular day (07.14.10), I chose to cycle a whopping 70 miles, in 90+ degree heat, through that beautiful backyard. Below are but a few examples of the kind of scenery one can expect to see.
Berea Falls - Berea, Ohio (7/14/10)
The Rocky River, outside of Lakewood, Ohio (7/14/10)
Sweetwater Cafe, Rocky River Marina (Photo taken earlier this Spring)
It was an awesome day of cycling! So, if you live in the area, or ever visit from out of town, be sure to take a ride, by car or bike, through one of Cleveland's gems.

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