Saturday, September 5, 2009

Another Towpath Ride!

Having enjoyed my first ride on the towpath last weekend (thanks to the CC night ride), I decided to cycle it again, only this time in sunny, dry, daytime conditions. I also chose to start at the Century Cycles store in Peninsula again as I was now familiar with this location. The great thing about Peninsula is that not only can you set out on some beautiful scenic trails, but it is also one of the many stops along the Cuyahoga Valley Railroad line. This historic choo-choo offers some amazing, fun filled, event-style train rides all up and down the Valley throughout the year.

I set out in the early afternoon heading south on the towpath. After riding only 15 miles, I suddenly found myself crossing a covered highway overpass that lead directly into the heart of downtown Akron! This was the end of the southern portion of the towpath, just outside the Akron Aero's minor league baseball stadium.

After a brief tour of the area, I headed back to Peninsula. All said and done, the ride totalled just over 30 miles and, the path being essentially flat (accept for the "climb" into Akron), was relatively effortless. On my next trip to the towpath, I intend to head north and see where that leads!

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